You are now in a position that you need to make a decision as to what is the best thing to do.

No-one wants to have surgery of any type.

Prior to making the decision there are a few important steps.

You will need to:

  1. Understand the problem that you are having treated
  2. Know and have tried the options to avoid surgery ( if there are any)
  3. Have an understanding of the type of surgery.
  4. Find out why surgery is needed at this point.
  5. Understand the aims of the surgery
  6. Have researched the risks of the surgery
  7. Have worked out the affect that the surgery will have on you in the postoperative period
  8. Understand what may happen if the surgery goes wrong
  9. Have planned for the postoperative period and the time after that.
  10. Make sure that the procedure is done in a proper institution
  11. Ask the surgeon about his experience and outcomes
  12. Find out how much it will cost

To help in this process we have produced forms for you to fill in to prompt you to be sure that you are comfortable with the process and to help build confidence in your surgeon.